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Core Strengths
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Core Strengths

Insightful Strategic Layout

With our scientific strategy and marketing insight, Kaisa's layout hashighly matched the development of China's core economic zones, including Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, Xiongan New Area, Yangtze River Economic Zone and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area etc., which gave us a lot of opportunities and space to proliferate. In the meantime, as the first in the industry to return to 1st & 2nd tier cities, Kaisa's rational choices and structure work as a vital support to its fast and stable development.

Industry Scale & Cooperations

As a large comprehensive investment group, Kaisa has set foot in over twenty industries, covered most core cities and major parts.

of economic structural transformation. Every industry has formed an industrial chain by operating independently, what's more, they work together synergistically as well. Our strategy of diversification, mitigates market risks, enables sustainable development, as well as provides richer resources and better customer experience.

Unique Professional Advantage

Kaisa has 22 years of experience in urban renewal, we are known for our professional advantages in scale and expertise in the industry. Kaisa has solved the difficult problem of how to operate arenas after matches by using its unique 'all-wheel-drive' mode, and became the benchmark. In addition, Kaisa leads in multiple industries, such as comprehensive development, commercial operation and property management.

Efficient Management

Kaisa has established an efficient, sophisticated and competitive management system. Regarding managing, we standardize our management with informatization and institutionalization; we professionalize and elaborate our management by performing efficient human resources, strict supervision and comprehensive evaluation. As to operating, we stick to the capital turnover plan to achieve fast development with a sophisticated, standard, professional operating system.

High Quality Service

We try our best to provide the highest quality service we can in every industry, this is the foundation of our business and general principle of our careers. We regulate our product to its best through captious examinations and refine requisitions, thus, it have won us massive loyal customers and wide reputation in the industry.

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